Monday, February 25, 2008


Monday's...I'm definetely not a fan of them but these make my day a whole lot easier to deal with...

Cadbury Caramel Eggs...they are hatching everywhere. There isn't one store, big or small that doesn't have plenty of them right by the front door.

SIGH..I really "heart" those eggs. :0)

I had to take Kolin back to the ped's office this morning when, after 1 day of feeling great...he went backwards again. That's two whole days off antibiotics and he crashes.
So, he's been put on another antibiotic because his broncitous is still there, not as bad but not clearing up as fast as they'd like to see.
He's also going to take some prescription cough med's so hopefully he can get some better sleep.
The allergies are still kicking him in the kiester so he keeps taking his Naxonex and Clariton.
Also, he stays on the nebulizer 2 times a day and takes his inhaler as needed.
Poor kid is taking more med's then his brother. :0)
Fingers crossed he'll feel fine in the AM and be back in school.

Everyone else is doing fine...thank goodness for that!

Welp, got to get myself to the post office, the pharmacy, get Kody from school and get myself back home to get some hats made.

Have a great day everyone!!

Love, Kim


Melissa said...

I eat those eggs by the truckload...but is it my imagination or are they a lot SMALLER now than they used to be???

Anonymous said...

After I hit "Publish Your Comment" after my last entry I realized I never commented about that PAPER CHART of yours, or how Kolin was feling. Sorry he's worse again. (Well, in reality, he might be better now, I'm just a major slacker lately and finally trying to get caught up a bit!!)

Sure hope the next posting I read is better news for Kolin!



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