Tuesday, February 19, 2008

"A" is for Asthma..."B" is for Broncitous

And my poor young un' has got them both. :0(

Here he is feeling quite...
"C" is for Cruddy.

But to make his Mama happy, he'll give us a small, quick, split second smile.
One day Kolin...you'll understand why Mom's {and Dad's!} like to record every minute...good, bad, and cruddy....

Now please baby, please get better soon..because your sick leave is leaving me with this...

Oh Lordie..please get my baby better soon...I don't know if the world is ready for The Bear!! :0)

Tomorrow I'll work on some outakes from today {besides the ones above..LOL!!}, the were pretty amusing.

Have a great night all!!

Love, Kim


Christine said...

I absolutely love your photo journalism blog! You take the most beautiful pictures and have the wittiest comments.

I would love to be able to blog my children's lives half as well as you do!

I hope Kolin feels better soon.

Cathy Bowman said...

aww I hope you get better quickly Kolin! My son Alex has had bronchitis this week also. His coughing is getting better though. I still say in most of Kolin's pics his eyes look BLUE!!!!!!!!!! I mean I know there not and all.....just thought I'd state my observation. Sorry i haven't signed am extemely busy taking care of my 2 kids plus 2 more and my mom who just got out of the hospital/rehab/than back to hospital after a fall down the stairs on Dec. 22nd. You guys are in my prayers!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry Kolin had bronchitus. Poor Kid. :( Those two of Kody were hysterical!! :)



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