Friday, February 22, 2008

Happy Half A Year Adriana!

Can you believe it...the baby we've all watched grow up from her birth/one second old pictures is a whole half a year??!!

OK, so technically...she turned 6 months on the 20th, and the photos were taken yesterday...but with all the craziness around here, I figured, better late then never. :0)

Here's a few from yesterday..

This is her typical looking away because I am so much cooler then you look...

This is her typical feelings on hats...

This is her typical "raspberry spitting" face...

Kolin is feeling much better. I took him yesterday for his follow up ped's appt. and his lungs are a hundred times better then they were two days ago, so we were able to avoid chest x-rays.
On the other hand...we were stranded for an hour in a parking garage at the doc's office around 6-7 PM last night when my airhead daughter, Kaysha, took it upon herself to lock the keys in the car.
About an hour later, Kayara had gotten to our home, collected the extra set, and delivered them to us. Poor kid..and she thought she'd have a nice peaceful dinner, relaxing kind of night with Adri.

Kaysha...FYI...your forgiven, although having you walk into the doc's waiting room and asking "how much do you love me, Mom" in front of a dozen other Mom's with small kiddo's, and me saying "No..your not going anywhere" and having you say "No, that's not what I want" and having all the Mom's stare at us and having me say "What?" and having you say "I sort of locked the keys in the car" and having steam floating out of my ears knowing darn well, we don't have an extra car for Dad to bring us a set, and Kayara doesn't exactly live real close and having all the other Mom's look at me like "So, what'cha gonna do?" was just a weeeeeee little bit embarassing.
Oh, and although leaving the doc's and seeing you sitting on a curb in front of our locked up tight car talking to your sisters and your friends and crying "Now I'll never get my licence" and watching you dig in your purse for a Snickers bar to share, so we'd have food rations to share just incase we were stranded for more then 20 minutes was kind of funny...please DON'T EVER DO THAT AGAIN!!!!

As the moral of this story goes...
Kaysha, we'll live through this, and one day we'll look back and laugh our butts off...but, FYI..I was serious on the 6 month licence delay. :0)

OK everyone..I am off of here for now so I can get some new photos together for the hat site.

Have a great weekend everyone!!

Love, Kim

I'm really not mad at her, really. She knows that how we joke. Besides, if I had a dollar for everytime she's threatened me with sticking me in a nursing home..I'd be drive a Ferrari. :0)


Kerry said...

You know I feel for Kaysha...I know what its like to lock the keys in the car. I also know that if it were the other way around and you(Kim) would of been the one to have locked the keys in the car the situation would of been different...I'm just saying this because I have had experience with my mom in situations like this!! Everytime it happens and she is the one to blame and I call her on it she says well this is different...OK MOM!! SURE!. LOL

Anonymous said...

Oh Kim - don't be so hard on Kayasha. ;} Everybody makes mistakes. Hey maybe she needs her own set of keys so you'll have one and she'll have one! haha

Happy half birthday Adri!

I'm happy to hear Kolin is feeling a bit better.

Kody looks so tall in the new pictures! He is really growing into a fine young man.

I hope you all have a great weekend.


Lauren said...

cute pictures.

i know i've been a bad blogger but can i ask a favor of you?
i need people to pray for my grandma.
she hasn't been feeling good for a week or so and the dr ordered a chest x-ray.
there was a spot on it.
she's a lung cancer survivor.
the doctor looked at it and said it was "concerning"
she had a cat scan of her lungs and brings it to the pulminary doctor on monday.
on the lung cat scan they thought they saw the top of a mass in her abdomin.
she's going for an abdominal cat scan tomarrow.

we're all very upset.

Anonymous said...

WOW - 6 months already??!! I know -- I'm VERY late reading and posting. What's new with me lately, right??!!

Sorry, but I LOL about the key announcement in the dr's lobby. :)



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