Saturday, February 2, 2008

Kody's Story

It's finally been done..I know, I only takes 5 minutes to set up a blog, so what's the hold up?

Anywho' moving off of Caring Bridge and on to Blogger, Kody's Story as moved.

Kody now has his own "Blog", a very easy way for Kody to update himself. I figure...he's getting old enough and CB was way too confusing it is.

Kody's Story

His link is also added to your right where it's says something about "My Son..My Hero..My Bear".

So please person from CB who leaves the most onery comments about how neglectful parent I've been to Kody...
BAM..take that! :0/

Later Gators!!

Love, Kim


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Kody for getting his own blog. Hope your all enjoying your weekend!!

Kari said...

Hey K-Klan - Can't wait to read 'from the words of Mr. Kody K himself'. Should be fun. I love the smile that greets us now when we hit your blog. Man that cutie pie is gorgeous and getting big!!

Kari - Wisconsin

Amy said...

Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging!! I love hearing all the krazy "K" stories. I'm looking foward to hearing your take on things.

Anonymous said...

Wow - Kody has his own page! Now I've got to add THAT to my routine!! I can't wait!! :)

As for the person who is leaving you rude comments on CB......just let me say "Don't get me started" (and I'll kindly leave off anything else I'm thinking!!!) :o)


Anonymous said... I just visited Kody's site. I am not about to even attempt starting my own blog (NO TIME!!) so I'll just read it and chuckle, like I just did! Kody, you are such a hoot -- begging for girls to write you. girl is a little too young so ya won't be hearing from her anytime soon!!! :o)

~NY~, USA!!!


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