Monday, February 18, 2008

Rainbow Brite

What is it about those silly "Babylegs"...they get to me eveytime..I love them!
Not only do I act like an imature nut when I jiggle her legs and sing "Let's get physical" or better yet..."She's a maniac..maniac".
But, those cute little ole' babyegs sure do make for the cutest photos....

Oh..and nope, your not seeing things, Adri is sitting up on her own and over the weekend took a few foward crawls. Look out world!

Not much else new here...same ole', same ole'
The kids had off from school today and Kolin spent it miserable with his allergy asthma kicking his butt, and his chest..he said it hurt like someone was sitting on him.
I figure another night like last will end him up in the ped's office in the morning for some nebulizer medication. He's already on an inhaler but I'm thinking a neb. will help him as well.

Have a great night everyone...tonight I vow to not stay up late. Oh..who am I kidding? You can't stop a night owl. :0)

Love, Kim

PS. Did I mention that Adriana is going to be featured on the Babylegs
website this month or next? Yeppers..our baby girl is going to make her celebrity debut pretty soon. :0)
I had actually received an e-mail about a month ago from the lady who runs babylegs herself. Purty cool!!


M, Ms. R, Mom, Auntie M, Marey said...

The photo is the cutest! I will have to pass Baby Legs info on to my niece who has 3 little girls.

Anonymous said...

Love those babylegs!! Adri is so adorable!!

Anonymous said...

love, Luv, LOVE those pics of Adri!!! :) That's really cool that she's going to be featured on "Babylegs" - HOW CUTE!! :)



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