Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Red Head Chicks Rule

Holy Cannoli's...she is up on all fours now and scooting backwards faster then I can back up and focus a camera on her.

Thanks so much for the catapiller advice...LOL...you are not even going to believe the nightmares I had about those nasty boogers last night.
Here, let me try and explain...

Dream Sequence One:
Pods are popping like mad, and wormy things ranging from a couple of inches to five feet were covering everything in our yard. I'm running in circles with a larger then lifesize can of Raid.

Dream Sequence Two:
I'm trying to grab my kids and run away from the popping pods when my hillbilly neighbors start chasing me with bright red socks, insisting I wear them because it is the only way to keep the nasty boogers away.

Dream Sequence Three:
I wander outside with a cup of coffee early in the morning. The birds are singing, Musa the dog is chewing on our yard chairs, the cats are whining to be fed.
I look up and there are no leaves left on any tree in the whole yard.
I drop my coffee, drop to my knees, and start singing the praises of never having to rake again.

Dream Sequence Four:
The pods are shaking, trembling and they look like they are about to bust. They are huge...bigger then a giant mylar balloon and there are hundreds.
I call Terminex and a few minutes later men with weapons of mass destruction show up.
Who are these men you may ask?

OK..I am off to make some more coffee. I had a rough night. ;0/

Have a great day everyone!!

Love, Kim

PS. No...that was no prime rib...LOL..I don't think I've ever had a prime rib. That was just some beef meat thing that Karlio came home with and I have no idea what it's called but it wasn't a whole lot of $$. We have a little store/meat shop right around the block and Karl..welp, let's just say that store is his happiest place on earth...besides sitting in front of his smoker that is. :0)
He's already ordered turkey legs and is planning on smoking them with BBQ. Like the "galactic gobblers" you get at Disney this week.
Something tells me, if any of you happens to come to Leesburg, FL on the last weekend of April..you'll be here for bikefest and you just might find him outside of the Exxon station on the corner smoking the tar out of something good.
Stop by..tell him you know me and he'll feed ya. :0)


Anonymous said...

hey Kim. Adri is so beautiful. Her eyes remind me of my sons when he was a baby.
Anyway, I was looking at your Pod post and showed my husband and he said it looks like Tent Worm. They will eat the leaves and such off your tree. He used to get them on the trees when he was little by his house in Ohio.
Hope you have a great day.

Kerry said...

She is soooo beautiful and her eyes just light up the room even from the computer screen...what a doll!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Oh My Kim - she is just beautiful. Am I the only one that thinks she looks like her Uncle Kody?? I think it's the eyes. Or maybe it's that I am getting old and need glasses, anyway she is just beautiful.
Hugs from Missouri,

Anonymous said...

CUTE pics of Adri! Sorry, but I LOL about your dream sequence where you were actually thrilled about those tent caterpillers eating your leaves!!! If they are, indeed, tent caterpillars (vs. something you southerners might get), they can definitely multiply and ruin your tree. Not just the leaves. You could lose the tree itself. Think, "No shade..."! Good luck with that whole project!



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