Saturday, February 9, 2008

Hometown Parties and School Dances

Once a year in our neighboring hometown of Fruitland park, where Kolin attend elementary school, the local Medodist Church throws a big ole' shindig where everything is free, everyone is invited and everyone is downright neighborly.

The teens that ran the rock wall were wonderful. Such patience with my two boys who, once they climbed to the top and launched themselves down back to the ground, were back on that thing again.

and again....

and again....

And ahh, yeah, you guessed it...


Finally they took a break to beat the snot out of each other, "gladiator" style..

And then they went back to...yes, rock climbing walls...but I won't bore you with anymore of those pictures. :0)

This was my favorite tent....

I voted for a couple of dudes from "Wildfire Chili" was SSSSSSPIC-EE HOT and oh, soooooooo darn good!!!

This was the boys favorite two tents, shaved ice a/k/a dyed sugar in a cup and the soda guy who got quite a workout because while I was happily taste testing 7 different chili's..Kody and Kolin were hitting him up for cola, after cola after cola.

I guess it goes without saying, those two won't be seeing any soda in their future for quite a while.....they're still recovering from their sugar rush.

So, that's where we spent our day today.

Yesterday was Kody's big Valentines Day dance at his middle school.
That is a story in itself..but I'll have to let Kody explain that one.

So...join him at his blog
for his side of the story.'s mine...

Kody asks to go to his dance and we say "Sure".
We get him his ticket mony in and after Karl picks him up from school this past Wednesday Kody asks me to be his date.
Flattered as I was..I thought, "Maybe I should call the school to make sure that's OK"
But..Kody told me he had already straightened that part out.

To which I replied..
"What exactly did you say, Kody?"

And he said a little something like this..

"I spoke to my principal and told her that I have a medical condition called chronic bleeding and my doctor says my Mom has to be there with me"

Me: "You what? Chronic WHAT?"

Kody:" Don't worry Mom, I handled it"

Me: "What did the principal say?"

Kody: "She said Oh Kody, of course your Mom can be there with you. If you need anything at all, if your not feeling good, you let me know"

Me: "Ummm, Kody...I'll call"

Welp, I did call and thank goodness the principal had a good sense of humor when I explained that Kody really doesn not have any bleeding disorder and that he wanted me to be his date because he asked a girl and she broke his heart, and blah, blah, blah..."

Principal: "Mrs. K., why don't you drop Kody off when the dance starts and let him spend the first hour with his peers, then you show up for the second hour"

Me: "OK"

So..the day of the dance was yesterday and I explained to him that I'd be there at 5 o'clock.

I did show up and what I found was a real happy kid looking all goofy and normal, dancing, singing, laughing, having fun..and without me..Brat!
Then, as I sat there with another Mom, sipping on my Pepsi, the unbelievable happened.

First one girl comes up to me and says she's Kody's new girlfriend.
Then another girl comes up and says the SAME THING!
Then another and finally Kody shows up with this cute little brunette and they start headbanging together and now SHE'S HIS GIRLFRIEND TOO!!!

He is sooo freakin' lucky that I love him because I was honestly, seriously stood up.
He did hold my hand all the way back to the car though..guess I should be awfully thankful for that. :0)

Anywhos...visit Kody and he'll tell it like it is.

Ok everyone..I better get going. The boys are getting out of control and they need to put their soda filled butts to bed.

Have a great night!!

Love, Kim

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Anonymous said...

Sorry...been a KRAZY week. Just trying to get caught up a bit. That Fruitland Park thing looks fantastic! And, ya gotta love that Kody. Not only trying, real hard, to get mom into the dance, but having all those girls saying they were his g'friend. Wonder what they all thought when they realized they aren't the only one?! :) I thought it was sweet that Kody held your hand, though. My 12-yr-old would not be caught like that! LUCKY YOU!!



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