Thursday, February 7, 2008

Spring Is Sprungin'

Nuts and Bolts, my two fave squirrels are back.
Lilly the bluejay is claiming fame to her sunflower seed handouts.
Pretty pink flowers are blooming everywhere.
And, Adriana, the "teething queen, cranky butt, hold me all day and goodness know don't even look away from my direction or I will let you know in no uncertain terms that is totally not acceptable", is looking kind of purdy in her cute, cushy, lil' ole' bumbo seat.

Unfortunetly for her...she inheritated her Gramma's lover of all things whipped cream thunder thighs and keeps getting stuck in that seat everytime I try to take her out. :0(

Today Kody's get's his bloodwork done, so we should know something by next week.

Later on this afternoon/evening I have a {piad...YAY me!!} photo shoot to do for a couple of Kaysha's friends. But...UGH...the weather does not look promising and I am thinking we may have to postpone...which really chaps my a$s.
Ah well..things happen, right?

We, here in our "K" home, have been watching the news, and have been saddened and completely horrified by the destruction of the recent tornados down south.
Our heartfelt prayers and thoughts to everyone who has been involved, especially, if any of our cyber friends who have followed us throughout Kody's journey have been involved in any way.
It was just a year ago this week that Kaysha's lost one of her best friends, Miss Brittany, when tornados ripped through Central Florida. It was the first funeral Kaysha had ever attended...and it was devestating to her..and also the boys who joined us for Brittany's celeration of life and burial.

Welp, I totally hate to do this but I better jump off if I am going to have 10 minutes to check on a few of your blogs. :0)

Oh...just a few FYI's..

Hey Sheila..
We're totally cool with the worries. When I need a few minutes of me time, I just pop her sweet little butt in the snake tank, Houdini and Korey are wonderful huggy babysitters.
Save a few more $$'s, that frapp. is gonna set you back about five bucks. Don't forget the extra whipped's very important {especially for the thighs}.
The car on the lift was fine..can you believe it?
The man it belongs to was cool with it. Not only is he a good customer..he's also a good friend. You rock Mr. Van!!
Get a "google/Gmail" acct. It's free. You don't have to blog to sign Kody's blog,you just need that acct. Then you use your user name to sign. Verrrrrrryyyyyy easy girlfriend! :))

Bless your heart, thank you so much! I am so happy she loves her cupcake hat.
Today, sometime, I'm making a cupcake purse to match. Fingers crossed it turns out as sweet as the hat did.
I think these would make cute 1st {or 2nd, 3rd....}
birthday hats. I got the idea from one of our hat friends who wanted one as a birthday gift for her newborn cute is that? :0)

Just incase there are any crocheter's out there, this is where I got that cute pattern..

Shelle's Cupcake Hat Pattern

Miss Shelle has been AWESOME! We e-mail every few days and she was sweet enough to let me try out her cupcake purse pattern. Now, I just have got to find me a few minutes to stitch that one up.

OK...I really, really better get going. I hope to get some more photos up later on. Busy...busy...busy all of the time these days.

Have a WONDERFUL day everyone!!

Love, Kim

PS. Kody will be back to blogging...he had a miserable couple of days...but he'll be back for sure. :0)

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Jaime in CT :) said...

Spring? Maybe in FL, but up here in CT we are smack dead in the middle of winter... :(


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