Thursday, February 28, 2008


In the land of the "K" family, where the beloved nebulizer machine runs around the clock with three kids and one husband...we'd like to leave you with this big ole' smooch, which was taken days ago before the broncitious crud took over the Bear.

Girls...that one is for you.

Back to the milk prices...yes, it sure is that much although I was in Publix yesterday to pick up some food stuff and I saw it had come down to $5.89...which had me doing almost whoop hollering doing cartwheels down the isle...but then I again, I said to myself..
" you really want to risk making a complete dork out of yourself when the 11 cents change won't even buy you a Cadbury Egg, A Hershey or not even a pack of cheap gum?"
"No Self"..I said.."I better just go home now before security is called to escort me out to my family mini van."
And, so I mosied down the soup isle, picked up 10 cans of assorted chicken noodles, a bag of Munchos chips {for my sinfully salty chippy treat for the 5 minute drive home} and went on my merry way.
BTW...Karlio wants me to take my camera into the store and snap a pic. of the price...but I believe that's illegal in this state, and how would I explain that little senerio to my dairy drinking brood anyway?

Have a beautiful day everyone!!!!

Love, Kim

PS. Someone please tell me why, in Central Florida, we have cows on every corner...everywhere We have two local dairy farms. We still pay out the butt. Someone please explain this?
Are they only there for tipping or something?

PPSS. On a brighter note..five out of 6 kiddo's has never had a single cavity. The one that did never was much of a milk drinker when he got old enough to never be at home to eat. Brat.

PPPSSS. They have healthy, strong bones too. I'm so proud of the little boogers.

PPPPSSSS. A little useless trivia for the day...
Kolin HATES chocolate milk. He always called regular ole' white milk "vanilla" and that's how he likes his milk, straight up, no nonsense "vanilla". How cute is that?


Anonymous said...

I currently live on a dairy farm with my parents, we have over 600 cows, and yet the prices of milk in the stores never really reflect to what the farmer gets paid, or we would be REALLY rich, someone somewhere is making a REAL killing off of milk prices... but it is not the farmers for sure, or the they are overworked and unpaid,, poor ladies... but Dad is thinking of selling our cows and just doing crops, cuz grain prices are high, and farmer gets them all,, weird how the works.... I love your blog,, faithful reader..

rocketbear said...

Darn! We are less than 2 hrs west of you and I thought $4.50 a gallon was high! Jeez!! All four of mine drink tons of milk and the two youngest are chocolate and strawberry lovers. They make it themselves and call it 'magic milk'. Gotta love kiddos!

Sorry to hear of all the broncio in the house. We are battling that here, too. Yuck! Hope everyone feels better soon!

How are the newlyweds doing? It's their one month anniversary, isn't it??



Amy said...

I just paid $3.89 for a gallon at Walgreens and I thought that was high!! I think it was $3.69 at Wal-Mart the other day. I live in St.Petersburg in Pinellas County.

Mama Bear said...

When I was a kid, and I am now 52, my Daddy used to mix powered milk(with the water added), to regular milk, equal parts, to make it spread for all of us. I was 1 of 5 kids. I think to this day, it's why I don't like milk....LOL... I Live in Ohio and our milk is around $3.89 a gallon. I am sorry you are having to pay so much. That's higher per gallon than Gas!!!
Great pic of the Kody Bear. Thanks for sharing. I hope ya'll feel better soon!! It's still freezing here, due snow again tonight. YUCK!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the smooch, Kody Bear!! :) I can't believe your milk prices!! We go through about a gallon every 1.5 days.

BTW, you're gonna laugh about this one. I was sitting here, trying to get a little (late) supper down me and noticed that over on the right side of the monitor was a picture of KODY & KOLIN! It seems that several of the pics off the recent posts you've done have made it into this rolling photo album. This is a newer pc in our house, and I rarely use it, so I don't even know how the heck they went from your blogger site to our little album, but it sure is great! I'm surprised my hubby hasn't asked who those two boys, adorable red-headed baby, cat, and dog are, though!!!!!! :o) OOPS - there's the one of the can of cream to put on top of that cappachino you were talking about!!!

BTW, speaking of which...I finally got to Starbucks to try that Strawberry Cream Frappachino. WOW!!!!! I am REALLY itching for a visit to Plant City now. Can I come for a visit? PLEEEEASE??!! :o)

Almost caught up....



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