Saturday, February 23, 2008

Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend


Welp, not in this home anyway. :0)

While some gals dream of diamonds and gold, others dream of fancy cars and exotic vacations, some even dream of romantic dinners
for two, champagne and caviar.
Not this gal...No way, no how, not ever.

When I dream, I dream of these little beauty's...

Yes, my friends, a Savage Seamless Paper Chart is all it takes for my heart to do triple, backflip thumps.

OK, so a few of you may not have a clue as to what that chart is.

I'll show you a little example, with a little help from my wonderful model, we call "Squirt".

See that beautiful fake painted wall behind Squirt? It's not really a wall at all, I just faked it by using color #29 called Orchid on the Savage seamless paper chart.
All it is, is a 53" wide 12' long roll of heavy paper that I hang from a backdrop stand.
Isn't it cool?
I love them..I love them all. I love them so much that if you look close enough, you can see my handwritten "hearts" penned in the ones I really, really love.

So, as you can all clearly see now, I do have issues...lots of them. I keep my Savage Seamless Paper Chart as close to my heart as I keep my stash of Cadbury Cream Eggs.
I could care less about jewlery and fancy fish eggs...
just bring on the seamless paper...Sigh..... :0)

Gotta run and pick up my boys, on a very wet, snotty, gray day today. They are at karate class, helping the colored belts test this morning. It's a required part of being a black belt...and gosh knows, they love it.

Have a great weekend everyone!! Stay warm all you snowbounds friends out there!!

Love, Kim

PS. Please, please..if you have a minute to spare, check out yesterdays comment box. Take a moment and say a prayer for our friend, Lauren's Gramma. Lauren is my girl...I swear, she is like having two of Kaysha around. LOL...I always wondered what it would be like to have twins, and I always wished Kaysha was a twin. Well..I got my wish, because we have Lauren in our lives..and we just love her. :0)

PPSS. If I don't tell you this Karl will have a cow.
OK..truth be told, Kaysha gets her blonde headed airheadedness from me.
Yes me....I know, hard to believe.
I am the Queen of locking keys in the car.
It got so bad at one point that Karl would tie an extra key to my shoelace everytime I left the house.
I have issues.
I am so embarrassed.
Thank goodness my daughter still loves me. :0)

PPPSSS. Here is a useless trivia fact you probably didn't need to know but becuase of my issues thing, I feel I should tell you.
That bear in the photo was sent to Kody a while ago from one of his awesome internet/Caringbridge familes.
It's a "Hershey" bear, sent right from Hershey, Pennsylvania and it came with real Hershey chocolates.
One day, as Mom's with boys tend to do, we were laughing about gross body things when one of the boys remembered when a few of our family members had the stomach flu.
They rememberd how after a boat load of days of constantly washing under garments I had loudly complained about the yuckafied "squirts".
One of them, I think it was Kody, said "What the squirts?" to which I replied, in a sleep deprived state..
"You know, the Hershey squirts!!"

And since that day, our poor faithful, much loved Hershey Bear, has been adoringly called "Squirt".

Sorry if you were eating anything when I told that last one. :0(

Take care everyone!!


Anonymous said...

let's try not taking our 16 yr. olds catch phrase

"loves it"


Did anyone ever tell you that your daughter kaysha is the most beautiful girl in the world,
and i don't know why you don't let her get her driving permit.
she would look so pretty driving the turtle shell.
turtle, turtle

heck why not even but her the whole Finding Nemo family for her birthday

[april 15]

all those kids you might forget.

ha ha,

I Love You Mommy.


Anonymous said...

Dear K family,
I just stopped in to see what's new in the "K" world. I think "squirt" is adorable in that cute little hat lol. Have a great week! Love, blessings, and tons of hugs,
Tanya Nicole Servis

Anonymous said...

I saw the posting from Lauren. :( Sure hope her grandma is okay.

I had to LOL -- a lot -- about the Hershey Squirts story!!! :o)



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