Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Last Of The Litter Part Two

He's such a clown, the kid with a million sound effects, the kid with a trillion facial expressions, the kid who is still patiently trying to teach me how to armpit fart and burp on command, the kid who never stops talking....even in his sleep.
Gotta love him though, he is the last of our litter...and he keeps up hoppin' every single dang day, whether we want to hop or not. :0)


Congratulations Ryan Newman fans everywhere...we'll catch up to ya next week!! :0)

Love, Kim

PS. Kody is a huge Tony Stewart you can all imagine how he was jumping out of his seat towards the end. LOL!!


Jackie said...

hmmm, sorry Jr didn't win!
I was hollering for Tony.
I wasn't expecting Ryan Newman though! Nice surprise!

There's always California!

Jodie Goodison said...

These are gorgeous photos! I love your conversions here..

I've lost your email.. you need to email me at

I didn't know you made stuff .. off to see your other blog.

Jaime from CT :) said...

It was a nice surprise to have Newman win! I am sure that Kody will have plenty to cheer about with Stweart this year though. Even my driver (Bobby Labonte) had a pretty decent run!

Well, even though your youngest is growing up at least you have grandchildren to spoil...

Just Lori said...

My son is a huge Tony fan too. Our house was full of screams yesterday!

StarLovesPhoto said...

I was totally jumping up and down and screaming at the TV towards the end of the race too! I was like Tony or Dale Jr. get up there and win!!!! It was a great race. :)

<3 Ashley


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