Sunday, February 3, 2008

Dog Gone Embarrassin'

So, about week and a half or so ago..maybe more, Kody's see's this little camo jacket for dogs in the clearance cart at Wal-Mart for $2.50.
You know what that boy said to me?

"Think of it as a photo prop, Mom" yeah, I bought it.

Poor Musa...Delilah the cat sat right next to him just staring while I was photographing him in it...I know he had to have been just a little humilated. :0)

"HA...HA....Stupid dog"

Oh Delilah...I am all ready planning Musa's revenge..ya better watch out feline girl :0)

Have a great night all!!

Love, Kim

PS. Thanks for all the wonderful comments on Kody's blog...he is eating that all up you know! :0)


Lauren said...

lol! manny has one of those, but it's baby blue and says "puppy love" on it.
it's still got the fur hood though.

Anonymous said...

OMG, How funny! Especially Delilah. (And the way you presented all of this, of course!) Think of that as the best $2.50 you've spent in a long time!!

BTW, speaking of spending $2.50, I still haven't made it to the Big City/Starbucks for that Strawberry Frap drink you recommended. (And I have a feeling it's gonna cost a bit more than $2.50, from the stories I've heard!)

Sorry I'm not a blogger...I would love to leave Kody messages. :)



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