Monday, February 11, 2008

Beef...It's What's For Dinner

Like all pretty cool guys, Dad Bear starts off his mornings pondering what's for dinner.
Except that instead of asking me what I'll be making's the other way around in our home.
He's the main dinner fixer and I am the happy dinner disher washer.

Since yesterday he had a hankering and this morning his hankering is spending some time in the smoker, outside, where the air is smellin' pretty dang good.

See that red looking stuff on top?
It's real. real, reeaaaaalllll good. I can't tell you what it is though, I am sworn to secretcy.

Things around here are going pretty OK.
I found out that Kody's thyroid bloodwork results are NORMAL!!!
That is great news, believe me it means he does not have to go back on his thyroid med's.
Maybe, just maybe, his sudden need for extra sleep has got to do with..

I hate to even think it...

I try to keep thoughts of it out of my head...

It's bound to happen again, I know...

Oh Lordie, can it be?

Another GROWTH SPURT!!!!

There I said it and I am very sure within the next week or so, I'll be out buying him new shoes and new jeans and new shirts and $300.00 worth of groceries. with his name on it...dang.

My photo shoot last Thursday went really good. Though, it was supposed to was so overcast, and so gray, but we did it. We rushed, ran, and scoped out four different kick butt locations and the pic's..they came out sweet. :0)
It did rain on the way home...but we were real happy we dodged that super soaker.
I'll have to get permission to show them stay tuned, hopefully they will say "sure".

Welp my friends...time for me to get a move on. You know that dinner I mentioned? Ummm..yeah, I was supposed to be checking on the temp. a while ago. My bad. :0(

Plus, I've got to get some crochet projects lastest stuff is newborn baby wraps. Very awesome, very soft, very sweet, very photogenic, very hot and very trendy these days.

Have a beautiful day everyone!!

Love, Kim


Anonymous said...

Is that a prime rib? Whatever it is, it looks so good!


Anonymous said...

You are SOOOO doggone lucky, Kim. That roast looked very yummy! Glad to hear Kody's test came back normal!!!!!



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