Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Happy Mardi Gras!

I'm a day late, I know. :0( honor of Mardi Gras, I took a very quick photo of Adri yesterday in her beaded best.
When I say quick..I do mean quick, she was in noooo mood.
I'll show you some others later...LOL...believe me, she was a crank butt.

Allergy season is upon us and with that, Kolin's allergies are getting out of control. Poor kid just can't, for the life of him, shake those allergy/sinus headaches.
His eye/facial tic's are getting worse {like Kody's were but not as bad}. Shands called yesterday though, and he has an appt. set up for Feb. 29th.

Kody, on the other hand, is back to sleeping his days away.
He was back home from school by 10:15 yesterday morning with a headache.
He fell asleep at 10:30 AM and didn't wake up until 5:30 PM.
Since he's been off his thyroid medication for the past 3 weeks, his sleepiness is back and his energy level is zapped too.
I e-mailed his endro. yesterday and asked if we could check his thyroid levels now instead of waiting for the 6 week off med's mark.
He said "Defiently..ASAP!!"
So, tomorrow afternoon he is scheduled for a 1:30 appt. at our local lab.

I have a feeling he'll be back on his Synthroid.
So, basically that tell's us that his original seizure medicine, Carbatrol, is not the culprit of his thyroid gone bad.
We took the chance and took him off the Synthroid after we had switched his seizure medicine to Keppra, which has no known bad effects on the thyroid. Unfortunetly, that doesn't seem to be the cause.

Narrowing it down more, it looks like his thyroid was damaged by either of two things...
The original grand mal seizure he had almost three years ago or his brain tumor.

Depending on the bloodwork results, we probably just put him back on his Synthroid..which he always did real well on.

Oh's up so I better get going.

Thanks for stopping bay!!

I'l try another update later.

Love, Kim


Jessie P. said...

Hi Kim! I received the cupcake hat late last week. I will try to send you a picture of my daughter wearing it. It is adorable! If there is anyone on the fence about buying one of these, get off now and go to "From My Heart to Your Head" and order one of these gorgeous hats. My daughter is in love with it and has slept with it the last few days. We also discovered that the beads you used were glow in the dark, which made her even more ecstatic! I've received several compliments from perfect strangers as well! Thanks.

Rachel said...

I just love your hats! And your precious grand baby, she is so cute. My sister had a baby on 12/13 and I just can't get enough. I'm going to have to order her a hat!
I love your blog. Finally started one of my own!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear Kolin is suffering from allergies and Kody's not very energized. Glad to hear both have appointments. Will keep my fingers crossed for tomorrow's bloodwork...

Now, Kim...on to a very serious question here. I sure hope you didn't let that dear, very-well-loved, granddaughter of yours, get tangled up in those beads, did you????!!!!!! {Sorry...guess I've got a bit of caddiness in me tonight!!! :P }

Take care, K-Klan.


Cheyenne said...

Crudmeisters? That really cracked me up.
Sorry to hear about the boys' problems. All of you just keep your chin up and hope for the best.


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