Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sunnyside Moon

There is just nothing more romantical then shooting the moon with the one you love. :0)


That was last nights moon just up the road a little ways.

Have a beautiful day everyone!!



Anonymous said...

"romantical"? Wrong context superstar.

Kim said...

In my world, I make up words as I see fit and if I say "romanical" is a word, then a word it is.
With warmest wishes and all that other fun stuff...
The Superstar Princess of your world and mine too

Anonymous said...'ve got way too much to complain about. Life is WAY too short for this. Go find someone you care about and spend time WITH them. I've said it before. My brother is gone, before the age of 50. Now, sadly, my father-in-law has passed away. Can you not find something else in life, than to bother people that have family and loved ones to care about???

Kim, I thought "shooting the moon" was something romantical too!! :)



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