Monday, October 19, 2009

Pumpkin Coffee

In my opinion, a perfect way to start the day....

Pumpkin Coffee

...before the kids wake up, the phone starts ringing, the middle of the months bills get delivered, the neighbors dog starts its all day barking, and so on and so on. :0)



SusanS said...

Just a lurker here to say I LOVE that mug...and your photos...and what's in the mug. I heard someone today describe coffee as "liquid sunshine." How fitting!

Happy Fall!

cheri said...

I don't even like coffee, but that looks like it would taste really good in the cup! lol

Dot O said...


Shiela said...

Okay...I'm starting to get nervous. You NEVER skip more than one day for an update. No need to publish this post...just wanted you to know I've wrote to "check up on you". Hope everything's okay with your mom...(my Half Mother). :o)


Anonymous said...

Hope all is well . . . it is so unlike you not to write :o(

Shiela said...

Hey, Kim. Sorry to use this as my "email" but it sounds like you don't always check your email account. When I didn't see an update yet today I got out my cell, looked up your phone number, and tried calling you but it wouldn't accept my call.

I SURE HOPE EVERYTHING'S OKAY. I hope I'm not making a mountain out of a mole hill, but it's so unlike you not to update your Blog....



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