Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Reader

Don't you just love it when your kid is quiet and you find him outside on the patio looking like this?


Yeppers, we got another James Patterson fan here. :0)

Speaking of Bear, shortly after that photo was snapped on Sunday he came down with another bad headache {he had a morning one as well}. It really hasn't gone away yet and he is sooooo, sooooo off balance.
I talked to a rep. at Florida KidCare and she said if they can rush his application it will take another 7 to 10 days to find out if he is approved.
I feel like the clock is just ticking away, will he see a Dr. soon or won't he?

In the meantime I got a letter from Shands asking how he was doing since they hadn't seen him for a while?
Ummm...it's been over a year and they finally noticed he was MIA? LOL!
Anyway, I filled out the comment section of the letter and will put it in the mailbox tomorrow.

Craziness, I swear.

Well, I better get a move on and make sure Kolin gets his butt in gear...shower/homework/etc.

Later Maters!!



loving_mother_of_5 said...

hey kim, i am sorry to hear bears not 100 percent. i have dealt with state insurances a few times and wont it back date to the day the app was filed? i am just so worried about him. did u call his dr to see what they think? they may do a free visit... prayer vibes sent your way!

Anonymous said...

I sure do love when a kid has their nose in a book! My oldest used to; maybe I'll order one of those Paterson books from the library here in town! Our middle kid used to walk around, with a book in hand. She still reads a lot but not quite like that anymore.

Sorry to hear Kody had a couple headaches yesterday. I woke up with one at 3 this morning and just woke up for good and still have it but mine is "mild". No migraine/off-balance stuff like Kody. :( I can't imagine having to take a week or so before getting him somewhere.

BTW, yesterday when I stopped by to see if there was a new Blog yet I decided to click on one of the "You Might Also Like This" links that show up at the bottom of your post. OMG, I am so glad I did. It was dated 1-9-08 and was the day you told all of us how to pronounce your kid's names and how those names were decided on, etc. I chuckled several times but LOL (ALL OVER AGAIN!!) about your last name being butchered and you played it back several times on the answering machine. Of course...I had customers in the store at the time. I swear I should know better and not be reading your Blog when anyone but my family is around me!!! :o) Thanks, though, for the laugh again.

Hope you all have a great day, especially Kody Bear.

Shiela in NY

Anonymous said...

Hi Kim,
I'm a long time reader/lurker, and you and your family really inspire me to "keep on swimming". That's great that Kody likes to read. My 12 year old son LOVES to read, and one of his favorite series is the Maximum Ride series by James Patterson. It's geared for young adult readers. Just wondering if Kody knows about it, or has read them? My son keeps asking me if he can read the other James Patterson books, but I'm just not sure how appropriate they are for his age-- only because I haven't read them. He's read the Twilight series as well as Harry Potter. In your opinion, do you think it's ok for his age? He'd love it if I gave him the green light to start reading them. There's not that many kids I know that are interested in reading James Patterson books!! He is such an amazing author. Thanks, and have a great day. I hope Kody starts feeling better really soon. Good luck with getting to the Dr.

Long Island, NY

Shiela in NY said...

Just came back to write down the name of the author ... gotta request a book or two from the library.....after tomorrow night our oldest has a 2 week break between sports and will be so bored! :O)

Hope you're having a good day!

Beth L said...

My computer has been on the fritz so I haven't checked in much lately, but I am going back through old entries and was shocked to find I happen to be reading the very same book right now! How funny is that? I don't think I've read anything by this author before, (I love John Saul) but this is a quick read the way the chapters are set up and I am liking it lots!! Have a great weekend!


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