Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Hawk

Imagine walking, with the one you luv, into your screened-in porch/Florida room first thing in the morning with a cup of Pumpkin Spice coffee and an everything bagel and finding this beauty right outside that porch staring right down at you...


That was how our morning started today. :0)

Fast forward to real life...

After that beautiful bird let me snap a few photos of him, the boys both woke up with a stomach virus {no school "crappy" day today, hehe} and Kenny, the bug guy came to spray for fire ants and palm sized spiders {gotta love Florida wildlife}.
I had to cancel and reschedule the boys physicals for today.
I'm wondering if I have enough fixins' for chicken & rice soup. I do have the chicken and I do have the rice so I guess that's half the battle.
I got news over the weekend that damn near knocked me for a loop.
I am behind on just about every project I start.
I go to bed by 9, I think I am getting old-ish. {I know that has nothing to do with anything but it's been on my mind}
I need to email my BFFL Sheila today, no matter how busy I get, no matter how many times my OCD demands I Lysol & Clorox wipe everything in the house, no matter how many times I add too, take away or change every Halloween and Fall decoration I got going on inside and out.
Today I will check my email and don't care how bad my eyeballs feel like they will fall out of my face, I will get done.

For right this moment though, I am going to put down the clicker and go hug my Bear, who is, as I type this, sitting on the sofa holding up his very hurting noggin. My poor baby. :0(

Have a beautiful day everyone. :0)



Anonymous said...

Hey, Kim. Sorry to hear Kody Bear's not feeling so hot. DANG, don't ya hate how the germs fly as soon as they are all back to school? I'm almost NOT looking forward to being in an airplane this weekend....recycled germs, at their best!! :)

I can't believe you saw that gorgeous bird this morning, AND that he stayed still for pictures. Now...do you CARRY YOUR CAMERA AT YOUR HIP or did he actually stay still while you went to get the camera?! My hubby loves wildlife (well, so do I but he knows everything there is to know) and has always wanted to see a Bald Eagle. Well, at the end of August he actually saw one fly over our house. Needless to say, he was thrilled!! Isn't it amazing how nature and wildlife can bring out the beauty around us? (Not counting spiders and fire ants, of course!!) :o)

Hey, I'll be looking forward to your email; been hoping and praying for an update about you-know-what. And sure hope the news that knocked you through a loop this weekend was good news...

Please tell Kody I hope he feels better real soon.

Shiela in NY

Anonymous said...

Hope everyone is feeling better tonight! Don't ya just love back to school germs!?!?!?!? I know I DON'T.
Is that hawk the same hawk the picture of Kody on the hill?? Just wondering, I saw that before you posted this last post - thought it was kinda cool
Hugs from cold Missouri,

Anonymous said...

Hi Kim, First off, so sorry to hear the boys are sick...ahhhhhh! I hate it when the kids get sick! Secondly, that's a beautiful photo of the, I believe, red-shouldered hawk...aren't they gorgeous! And thirdly, that was not nice to leave us all hanging about your "knocked through a loop" news...meany, meany meany. I sure am looking forward to the next post now!!

Please tell the boys I sure hope they feel better real soon, and not to spread it around, whatever it is!

Love Yas,
Judy in Naples, FL


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