Saturday, October 3, 2009


"Sometimes being a brother is even better than being a superhero." ~Marc Brown


It is getting difficult, I mean seriously difficult to get a photo of those two together.
They poke, complain, and well..let's just say in the 7 minutes it took to snap about 20 pic's similar to that one, I owe myself about $19.00 in "outtake/lens fund" dollars.

I think I may have to stick to things like flowers and Halloween decorations, they don't complain much. :0)

I hear a lot of peep's rave about garage light and that picture was taken in the garage, facing west at about 5 PM. OK so I haven't found my love of garage light yet but I suppose if I keep working at it, I just might one day.

I never did go food shopping yesterday, so I better get going and get 'er done today. The last of the Rice Krispies is being shoveled into one starvin' 12 year olds face as I type. LOL!

Have an awesome weekend everyone!!


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Anonymous said...

I can almost see the sparkle in Kolin's eyes, thinking, "Come onnnn,'ve only got two more seconds before I goof around!!" :o) Nice pick ... sorry about the "work" it took, though! ;)

Finally a beautiful day in Upstate New York, but I'm stuck inside. What's new...! Hope you're enjoying the weekend!

Shiela in NY


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