Saturday, October 24, 2009

Hannibel Lector

OMG, I still remember in every little detail my little boy who used to dress as Buzz Lightyear. Not just for Halloween, but for everyday.

Now, that same cute kidlet has transformed into, Hannibel Lector {Silence of the Lambs}.

Hannibel Lector black frame

Still though, I think it's awesome because, {a little trivia here} I am one of Hannibel's biggest fans. :0)

I am working on the soup pic's, actually they are ready but I think I might save it till tomorrow's blogger update.

Have a great day everyone!!


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Shiela said...

OMG, I can just see Kody running around as Buzz Lightyear every day! :o) Have to say, I didn't recognize this character, but it's definitely a great shot!!

Hope you're feeling better today, Kody.

Shiela in NY


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