Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Halloween Lanterns

In preparation of Halloween, I like to decorate the inside of the house too. It's just plain fun, plus walking in and seeing orange colors throughout the house gives you that warm fuzzy feeling, ya know?

I told you all how I love my paper lanterns, right? I have these hanging up in the dining area, I like them a lot. :0)


We just picked up a cool shelf unit for FREE! I love it when we happen to be in the right place at the right time. The backing of it was white and that didn't work well with me. So, per my request, Karlio painted it black and it is now holding various fall decorations on each shelf. The black in the back makes those pumpkin colors pop.

We figure it'll be great for an every holiday/season theme shelf.
I always wanted I got one. Yay Me!
Yay Karlio for finding it and bringing it home!

Kolin went back to school today but Bear is still home and miserable. He's got a headache that refuses to budge no matter that he has had his max dosage of his pain med's.
It really sucks watching him in pain and there isn't anything else I can possibly give him. :0(

OK, well...I'm out for today.

Have a great day everyone!


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hey, Kim. I'm glad your OCD didn't keep you from emailing me yesterday. :o) THANKS!!

Your lanterns are rather cool. How about a pic of your display on that new shelf?!

I'm sorry Kody's not better today. That chicken and rice soup you mentioned the other day sounds good to me right about now!

Have a good day.

Love & ((((HUGS)))),


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