Thursday, October 29, 2009

Shunt Troubles

The good news is it was all shunt trouble and the better news is it was fixable with just a small tweak in his program settings Kody went from being Bear 1.0 to an upgrade of Bear 1.5.

OK, so here it is explained in real terms. LOL!

Kody's shunt was over draining big time. Nobody really knows why, as all this year that he's had the new shunt it has worked at the 1.0 setting beautifully.
However, when they popped up the scans on the computer you could not see any ventricles at all, meaning Kody's ventricles has zero fluid in them what so ever.
This is bad because it means his noggin was pretty badly dehydrated and he has been feeling in hangover hell with severe headache pain and high blood pressure for the past week or so.

They reset his shunt setting with a magnetic tool that looks like a compass by closing down the valve so it doesn't release too much fluid, in this case releasing all the fluid leaving him with flat as a pancake ventricles. It is painless and non-invasive, btw.

It is possible that he isn't drinking enough during the day, which can mess up the shunt working to it's full potential.
I know when he's home he drinks plenty but Kody's school doesn't allow kids to walk around with water bottles all day BUT I asked Dr. O to write a note to his school and when I drop that note off tomorrow I know everything will be just fine.
Hopefully that is what happened to the shunt and everything will be OK from here on end. Fingers crossed.

If he is still feeling bad, or just not himself, in about a week he will have to go back and get a whole shunt series done to make sure nothing else is wrong. The shunt series is basically x-rays starting from the top of his head where the valve is, to his pelvis, which is where the tubing ends and the fluid is released into his stomach.

Also, they want him scheduled in one month for an MRI to check the status of the tumor, regardless of how he is feeling.

WHEW...well, I guess that's enough drama for the day, huh? :0)

Once again though, I have GOT to give Dr. Gegg, Dr. O, their entire staff and Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children "Two Thumbs Up" and lots of props for being absolutely extraordinary and treating Kody and us, as a family, like we were family.
If I had to nominate one hospital as being the very, very best, it would definitely be Arnold Palmers in Orlando, Florida.

So here's our Bear, this afternoon, still tired, but starting to feel better.

BearAfterTheHosp 003 copy

Have a great day everyone!

Just keep swimming......



rocketbear said...

So glad he is doing better and will continue to improve. I've been worried about yall all day. Hope he's back to 100% soon and can enjoy his Halloween. Halloween with out the K Bears wouldn't be right!

Anonymous said...

Oh, PHEW! Glad it was "just a tweak", although I can't imagine the time and $ involved with that particular tweak job. :o) So long as Kody is feeling better, though. That's what's definitely important.

From the sounds of his school I'm guessing the H20 bottle will be no problem-o! :-)

I ordered a few J.P. books but the librarian told me the particular ones I ordered had a lot of s-e-x in them, and not just innuendos (sp?). I'm gonna move on to the Young Adult series and think my son will like them just fine!

Have a great night!

Shiela in NY


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