Friday, October 23, 2009

Sorry :0(

Lots going on that is keeping me beyond busy.

Kody has been having, I am 100% positive, a problem with his shunt. However, without any insurance I can't take him to his Dr's. So everyday we spend here in the morning dealing with morning headaches and swooshes of fluid he can feel in his head whenever he sits up or gets up from laying down, which makes him terribly dizzy, off balance and plain out miserable.
However, as he is up an about it gets better, till he has to sit for a long period of time and get up, that's when it starts again.
No seizures though, at least I hope so.

This was taken on Tuesday, or maybe it was Wednesday...heck I just don't remember.

ThreeKidlets 001 copy

Sheila {and a few others} I know you will understand just by seeing that picture which was taken at home.

On a happier note, the soup came out really good. I took a few snaps as I went along so by tomorrow I'll post them along with simple instructions as to what I did...which, trust me, was VERY simple cuz I am not big into hovering around the stove all day. LOL!

Well everyone, I apologize for being MIA. I am trying to get back on track.

Have a beautiful day everyone. :0)

PS. Yes, the boys will be getting hair trims/style/shape real soon. Not seeing Kody's eyes is even starting to get on my last nerve. Hehe...



jeeper said...

What about CHIP? Childrens Health Insurance Program?
They cover kids with no insurance.
His previous health problems should make him eligible.

Shiela said...

Oh, Kim. It's such a relief to see an update!!! You have no idea how crazy my mind has been going...

Sorry to hear Kody's not doing well, and I sure wish he could go to the doctor's office. :( :(

I just LOVE seeing Kaysha with the boys. I, however, cannot believe that Kolin is taller than her!! (Sorry, Kaysha!!) :o)

Sure hope you guys have a nice weekend together and that Kody's feeling better.

All my love,
Shiela in NY

Anonymous said...

I am with Shiela - had me alittle worried, guess it's just the mother in me...
Sorry to hear about Kody not feeling the best - sure hope you can get something figured out for him.

Hope you all have a great weekend nice to see Kaysha's smiling face again :)

PS - I love the boy's hair ;)

Hugs from Missouri,

Anonymous said...

She's not Goth any more? Kaysha looks almost preppy! She's always been beautiful but I love her eyes without all the black eyeliner...that coming from the woman who rarely puts on make-up more than when we go to church!

Sorry Kody is feeling like garbage. I hope you can come up with a solution soon.

Connie F-G

Leece said...

You're kidding...don't children get free health care in America...God forbid but what would happen if he got really ill and had to have loads of treatment... I don't understand. I know you're reliant on insurance policies for care as an adult but I've always assumed that a child in America got whatever he needed. Scary. And I keep hearing that that here in England we're moving more towards the American system of healthcare! Love and Prayers.

Kim said...

Leece, honestly...pray they don't go the American healthcare way. Even our sickest can be denied healthcare. Sad, isn't it?

Kim said...

Jeeper, I will for sure look into that. Thank you. :0)

K said...

Hey Kim- is Kody on Children's Medical Services? He should have that until he's 18- and with that can get treatment at Shands if need be.

Sea52Jay said...

Kim, CHIP is FL KidCare, what Kody had before with Ped-I-Care (along with CMS). I know he lost Medicaid but what's the deal with him not getting back on Ped-I-Care? I'm sure you've tried but was wondering what the obstacles have been. Maybe Debbie (CMS) can help you there, please call her or let me know. Love CJ


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