Thursday, October 8, 2009

July In October?

Here it is almost the middle of October and we are having July weather.
93 degrees today and the real feel will be something like 102.'s hot out there!
Bummer cuz I really though by now we could turn off the central air and cut down that electric bill by $100.00.
Sigh...not yet.

I've packed up most of my summertime deco and turned the autumn deco on full force, so at least with the A/C on, and the Air Wick Apple Cinnamon Scented Oil thing that I use, it sort of feels like fall.

Then I walk outside...maybe not. LOL!

Here's a quick snap of one of the shelves in that shelving unit I mentioned yesterday.
Mental note..never use glossy paint. LOL, yes we are taking it out and repainting it in flat black.


Bear is back in school today. He's not quite at 100% but he is much better then he was at this time yesterday. I guess it just takes him a little while longer to get over virus' that other kids get over in a day.
I have his IEP meeting today at 12:45. That should go well, his school is awesome and rated an "A" school in Lake County.

I better get, lots to do this morning before I can even think about getting in that car.

Have a wonderful day everyone!!

PS. FYI, the Lavender Tranquility scented oil is very nice too. :0)



Anonymous said...

Hey, you can send some of that warmth our way. Or better yet, Texas. Can't believe it's only gonna be mid-60s while we're there. That's Texas for ya - 90 one day; 60 the next!!

Glad to hear Kody's feeling better. :o) Oh - and I like your fall deco pic. Between our high winds yesterday and a long weekend away I'm afraid our beautiful autumn scenery will be long gone by the time we see it Tuesday morning. :(

Have a great day.

Shiela in NY

Anonymous said...


I'm really glad to hear Cody is feeling better.

I am so jealous. They are calling for the possibility of snow this weekend here in Chicago. It's not supposed to be measureable but still - SNOWFLAKES! I'm not ready for this.

Stay cool.


Amy said...

I'm so over this heat too!! Glad to hear that the bear is back in school. How are the other "K" kids doing, and your sweet grandbabies? Have a great Friday!!


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