Friday, May 1, 2009


Given Kody's story I thought this photo, as much as I love it, still needed, I came up with this.

You Gotta View This On Black..AWESOME!

Which, makes me want to get it printed huge on metallic paper for his bedroom. :0)

Have a beautiful day everyone!!

I have got a ton of errands to accomplish this morning and a lunch date with Kolin.

Love, Kim

PS. Sheila, your right...well, not about the summertime news but you are right about me being home again. Getting back into the hats, the blogging and the picture taking. Karlio was offered the job of a lifetime, it is awesome, he loves it and they love him. He over see's 32 Mack dump trucks and 5 semi's. The 12 hours shifts can be a little tedious but he is only two blocks from home so I walk there almost everyday to have lunch, coffee, whatever. Life is good and it is getting better. :0)


Dot O said...

Kim, that's awesome about Karl. I was wondering why you seemed to be home lately but didn't want to ask..... So glad it is great news that brought you back home again!!!!

So very, very glad!

Anonymous said...

AWWWWWWE, Kim, Karl, and the whole K-Krew, I'm SOOOO happy to hear all the great news! There's No Place Like Home for Mamma Bear and I'm so happy that Karl has a good job and everyone loves him! I KNEW I could "hear" (see) the upbeat posts lately!!! You have no idea how happy this makes my heart!! (Well, you probably do, but I don't ever pick up the phone to tell you in person!)

Have a great day and please keep those CLUES coming (not hints of clues, haha!). :o)

Shiela in NY

Anonymous said...

P.S. I forgot to say that I like Kody's pic even more with that saying. I've always loved that saying! I agree...a poster for his room. (Don't hang it'd have a ton of girls banging your door down!)


Melissa said...

WOW! Too bad I'm a forty-something, married mom; if I was a pretty young girl I'd be beating your door down to get at that good looking young man! I can still appreciate a gorgeous guy like him even at my age! (And the same goes for his younger brother!) You're going to be fighting the girls off with those two around!

Random said...

Guess away, you said, and guess away I will...
My guess is...

Who's getting married?!


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