Thursday, May 7, 2009

Return Of The Umbrella

I am obsessed, I admit it. Big rainbow umbrellas and kids that look like they should be on a surfboard are my newest addiction. :0)

I found this kickin' bright green with black trim building out in Crystal River a few weeks ago that I got to have..I am talking seriously need to use that building as a backdrop to two unsuspecting kids who if I can get my way...will be sporting some equally as kickin' "Fedora" style hats and standing cool in front of that building as a Mom's Day gift to me.

Sorry about not getting that last clue photo up yesterday, as you can guess..the day it just slipped right past and before you know was midnight.
So....I will get to working on that today if it is the only thing I accomplish this morning.

Well..gotta run!!

Have a wonderful day everyone!!!

Love, Kim


Anonymous said...

Okay, I'll admit...I was by last night and found NO CLUE! :) And, now I'll take you said "if it's the only thing you do THIS MORNING" you'll get that clue up and....ahem...hint, hint...just wanted to remind you there are exactly 17.5 minutes left to the east coast's morning! :P :)

Will be back later...


Kim said...

Ummmmm...running late again, as always, story of my life. LMAO!!


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