Friday, May 8, 2009

The Dragon

One thing you can always depend on at the beach is lots of kite flying. It's pretty cool to let your kite go and not have to worry about it for the rest of the day. We fly ours every week too, just because it's sweet to look at and the boys always have a visual of where we are are.
Usually when you spot a flying "Blue Angels" kite or a "Buzz Lightyear", that's where you can find us.

Last weekend though...every kite on the beach was put to shame when we saw this one...

That dragon was the most awesome thing in the sky that day. Even better..the guy flying it had no problem at all with my asking if I could snap a few pictures of it.
Wanting that kite or one similar to it real bad, I asked him where he got it. As it turns out, that dragon has been around for 20 years when he bought it somewhere out in Clearwater, Florida. if that dragons story couldn't get better. He told me that at one time he was flying it on a beach in Florida when a poet, who was hanging on the same beach that particular day, walked over to him and handed him a sheet of paper in which he had just written an original poem titled "The Lone Dragon".
Talk about cool, huh?

Well my friends, I am off to have a lunch date with Kolin today. Errands to run and tomorrow the boys have their all day martial arts/combat outside at the state park training day, so I have to pick up some water for that too.

I know I am way late in getting that last clue the time the weekend is over..I am for real this time, no..really...serious, no joke. LOL!!

Have a great day all!!

Love, Kim


Anonymous said...

ACKKK!!! You're KIDDING?? We have to wait for maybe two whole days?! And here I was REALLY wracking my (tired, old, spent, drained) brain on what clue was secretly hidden in your text or kite pic today!! :o)

Well, I guess I can be happy that I did love the dragon kite, and the story about the poem!

Have fun tomorrow, Kolin and Kody! I'll be spending more than half my day at our daughter's dance competition. That means all the work I would have done for my job on Saturday...will fall on SUNDAY! You can be SURE our kids will be recruited to help MOM with her job as a GIFT!!!! :o)

Hope you're enjoying your date with Kolin, Kim. I still think that's so nice your school system allows that!

Have a great night!

Shiela in NY

Amy said...

I wanted to wish my favorite "K" mom a very Happy Mother's Day!! I love how you mother your kids, you totally rock!! I know that your favorite "K" man will be cooking something wonderful tomorrow. Relax and enjoy your day!!


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