Friday, May 15, 2009

My Mom's Day Gift From The Boys

I love when a holiday comes up...especially a day like Mom's Day, where I really didn't need a thing {want and need are two different things around here..LOL!} and the only thing that could have made me happy {besides a Ferrari, a day at a spa, 20 new pairs of shoes, my own island, a super charged kick a$$ computer and a red Zune} was for my boys to give me a few precious moments of their oh soooo precious {a/k/a we have other things to do} time so that I can go a little snap happy.
Kolin barely squeaked through it and Kody ended up getting way too into it, as the outtakes I'll show you soon will tell.

Here's a couple of my two favorite kids in the world...

"Wild Man"

CanaveralBeach 012

And his trusty sidekick...

CanaveralBeach 013

It's a TGIF day around here today. We are seriously all looking forward to a chilled out weekend of doing not too much.
Depending on the weather depends where you'll find us.
It's getting to be the famous Florida rainy season, which during the day lasts for oh, maybe 15 minutes. It's not so much the rain that's a PITA cuz we need the rain terribly after being in a severe drought for months, it's the lightening that comes with it..incredible.
I wouldn't mind it so much if I could just get a chance to get it on film or actually in my case, megapixel. That would be awesome.

Have a really great day everyone!!


Love, Kim


Mel said...

Kim I have followed your blogs for quite some time (Since Kody's caringbridge page)and I have to say your boys are growing too fast and into some awfully handome guys. :) Great shots!

Anonymous said...

Great pics (as always!), great wish list, great plans for the weekend.


Shiela in NY


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