Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Take A Hike You Puffy Baggage!

While my BFFL Photoshop CS3 Extended is down for a few more days and because the never ending supply of cold rain keeps falling from the sky and literally making me yawn about six trillion times a day and because I always feel this twinge of guilt {ahem...cough..cough...Sheila..LOL!} if I don't blog about something everyday I thought today I would continue yesterday's McCafe plug {which btw, nope I get nothing from McD's for plugging, dang} by sharing with you one of my favorite products ever.

If you have {or had in my lucky case} some seriously unattractive puffy, dark under eye baggage, then you too will love this.

Skin Renewal Anti-Puff Eye Roller

Now normally I would never consider spending $12.00 on a new magic skin product cuz I know only too well how the advertisements make everything look like a miracle cure, however..this one really works..for real, no joke, I wouldn't kid.
Plus, it's kind of like a little cooling under eye massage..very nice.

Just roll it under the eyes morning and night and within a week you'll see a difference. Within two weeks you'll be wowed by the difference. In three weeks you'll look and if your like me, start to act a whole lot younger.
It's amazing what pretty eyes can do for ya.

Go forth and shop at your local Wally World for the best price and while your at it, stop off at McD's for a sugar free vanilla iced coffee..large of course.
You'll be soooo happy you did.

No thanks needed, that's why I am here, to help, to love, to conquer.
BTW..thank Sheila, cuz without her spreading the guilt love, I may not have blogged at all today.

Have a great day everyone!!

Love, Kim

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

YIKES!!! NOT BLOG AT ALL??!!! I'm definitely LUVIN the daily (sometimes twice daily!) posts again! Besides, I was by earlier to see if there was an update on Kody Bear and since there wasn't this time around I 'fully expect' another before you hit the hay tonight. :0) No shame...just a little proddin' from your half sister!! Hehe!

Does that Puff Remover also cover DARK CIRCLES? I look like a racoon half my life without my concealer!! :)

Sure hope Kody's been okay today. Will be back later to check in. I actually get my twice annual dinner out with two of my BFF's tonight. Walking distance from home, and you better betchya I'm ordering an Amaretto Sour. (Yes, I'm already exhausted, and yes, I'll be ready for bed the second I come home, but that's what "being older" gets me! HA!)




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