Saturday, May 23, 2009

The New Computer Is Here!

WAA-HOO...this machine rocks!!
Photoshopping on a 7 gig HP with a high definition 24" flip screen monitor is, well, how can I put this......


Yes..I am spoiled, so what's your point? LOL!!

So, as soon as this going on 7 days straight of rain, stops, I can finally get out and rock the camera.
Though..I do have a corn recipe to share, don't I? that will give me something to do tomorrow for oh, can we say....15 seconds. Cuz know, this machine rocks and everything I do on it is as fast as blinking an eye.

Gawd I love that man of mine. {big ole' puffy heart}

Till tomorrow...everyone out there, ya'all have an wonderful day!!

Love, Kim


Anonymous said...

YAAAAAY. I can sleep much better now! :o) Thanks for the update; I'm glad you (heart) your new pc so much. I did just stop by, though, to find that recipe of yours that you used your food processor for leftover crumbs of nachos, etc. I just had myself a small snack of some tortillas and when I spotted the crumbs in the bottom I remembered that recipe! Too bad I didn't copy/paste way back then...I sure hope I can find it quickly. Maybe we'll use it this weekend!

Have a great night!

Shiela in NY

rocketbear said...

Whoa!! What a smokin' PC! If you don't mind me asking, where did you get such an awesome machine? I've been going crazy trying to find my 'perfect' PS-ing machine. LOL I just love the blog colors and music. Perfect for summer. Oh, and DH says thanks for the step by step on the corn. He's a visual learner. LOL :)


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