Friday, May 29, 2009

Kitten Time name is Leonardo...

They call me "Trouble"....

Stop by any time in about three more weeks and you can have us and three more just like us.
Just don't tell Kody and Kolin cuz they think we belong to them. :0)

Later Gators!!

Love, Leonardo and Trouble


Shiela said...

Hey, you WERE serious about taking some kitty photos. :o) Sorry...but we don't live close enough for adoption.

Now.....when are we getting that summer time news???!!! :) Not that much can top Kody's awesome news, but it's still eating at me!

Shiela in NY

Anonymous said...

Cute pics, but the black and white kitten looks sick. Looks like he has an upper respiratory infection and eye crusting--very common in outside kittens, and quickly treated with some drops you can get from the vet. If not treated though, they can die.

Kim said...

Thank you "A". For whatever reason the mama cat doesn't mess with cleaning this one much. Karlio was out there a couple days ago with the warm wet washcloth cleaning him. It was kind of cute, you know? :0)


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