Saturday, May 30, 2009

Beachy Cupcakes

Last night while most of the world slept, I stayed up making about a trillion of these..

To bring to the hydrocephalus picnic today which was alot of fun.

They are cute and went over really well. They are however, packed with sweet sugar and when my Kody scoped out a cute girl at the picnic and pretty much ditched his little brother for a good hour or more, Kolin decided to ease his hurt heart by scarfing down about 7 of them.

He was wired and believe me when I say, it was along, long, loooonnnnng ride home with the boy.
But, I still love him anyway cuz he is darn cute and when he smiles he melts my heart and all.

I can't take credit for inventing those cute cupcakes, well...because I am a Good Morning America fan and I saw it on there one morning last week.

If you'd like to give it a go...follow these steps in which I have made easy and foolproof.
If I can make them, you can too. Don't ever lost that thought.

OK...go out and buy:

A box of cake mix
Vanilla frosting
Wiltons frosting coloring gel in blue
Brown sugar
Cupcake liners {one pack plain and one pack super cute}
Tiny paper umbrellas

Put your cake mix together and bake it into cupcakes. Use the plain liners when you bake.
In the meantime, scoop out the vanilla frosting into a bowl.
Start to add the blue coloring, a little at a time. It is concentrated and a little goes a long way.
When your cupcakes are done and cooled, slip a cute liner on them.
Splash some blue frosting on top.
Sprinkle some brown sugar on half to represent beach sand.
Stick a paper umbrella in the sand.
Keep them pretty far away from kids with ADHD.

Baa-Daa Bing, Baa-Daa boom.

How scrumptiously adorable are these?

Have a great day everyone!!
We will be beachin' it all day Sunday, so if you happen to find yourselves in Crystal River, you'll find us there chillin' with some burgers and chips.
If you can't smell the burgers, then look for the Transforms'll be flying for sure. :0)

Love, Kim


Shiela said...

Sure hope the party was fun yesterday and that you have a great day at the beach today. It's, ohhh, 50 degrees here today and our oldest is having an INDOOR pool party but hopes to have a water balloon fight afterwards outside. Ummm...50s AND breezy...NOT my kind of day for outdoor water fun. :( Love the cute!

Shiela in NY

christie said...

This is awesome Kim, Tfs :)

Sea52Jay said...

Love the cupcakes!!!! Love CJ


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