Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Love Shack

This isn't the final clue, but in our exploring travels around Little Pine Island today, I couldn't resist these pretty sweet "clues" for the summertime news. :0)

It was an awesome day today..a real long day, but totally sweet. Seeing our sweet little Adriana was the best Mama's Day gift ever. But, man how badly I miss that little redheaded firecracker. :0)
I've got some new pictures of her, so be on the look tomorrow or Tuesday.

Tomorrow is a get out of school free pass for Kody and Kolin. We will be taking an educational trip to see the space shuttle launch, above the ocean on the East coast.
The last time we tried this, my camera battery decided it was a great day to crap out.
This time we'll have better luck toting a camera with a brand spankin' new, fully charged, battery. Who knew those things just poop out like that? Ummm...not I.

Welp my friends/family...we put in over 500 miles today and a cramped car with three kids {Kaysha came too}, so it is time for us to park our butts in bed and get some sleep.

We hope you Mom's Day was a beautiful one. :0)

Love, Kim


Anonymous said...

I'm sooooo confused about all the clues. Can you put them in a list? I think they include beach, summer, walk, and purple. Can't remember what else, though!!!


Cathy Bowman said...

That child is gorgeous!!! Where are Alona pics????!!!! and Did I miss something, when did they move so far away???? Sighs. Taking care of my mother (she has dementia) and my own two children is keeping me busy!!!!!! I love you guys!!!!

Kim said...

Hi Cathy..
Alona was with her Dad this weekend, hence her MIA.
Your doing great but I will list them soon again. :0)


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