Tuesday, November 10, 2009

WOO-HOO For Dilapitated Buildings

Dilapidated, textured, rusted, chippy painted, all these words are like sweet music to my ears.
Crazy, I know, but when I drive down the road and see this in a huge open field with the good side {not overrun by bushes and weeds} facing the west, I gotta have me some a' that.


Cuz before I even take out the camera and take that first click I already have "the vision" and I already know how to make that vision a reality...

Kolin Ross 047 copy

You know how sometimes you click the shutter and you just *know* that is the "one"?
Then you look on the view finder and your for sure it is the favorite?
Then you upload to your 24 inch HD monitor {I am so totally in love my monitor} and you darn near fall out your chair cuz if there is only one picture that comes out of the whole day, that is the one.

Well, this was my "one"....

Kolin Ross 036 copy

This was shot only minutes before the sun went down. I can honestly say that I will patiently wait all day for that few minutes to get out and shoot because the warm glow that covers everything cannot be duplicated no matter how many expensive lights one buys or how much a Photoshop genius.
Natural sweet light baby, there is nothing like it.

Kolin Ross 041 copy 3

Same picture in B&W....

Kolin Ross 041 copy 4

And just one more {for today} from the blue and yellow building...

Kolin Ross 022 copy

I love that green building so much, I may have to take our Christmas pictures there.
See..I am getting into Christmas, kind of...sort of..a little at a time. :0)

Have a great day everyone!!

PS. Sheila, what in tarnations is a "burning bush?" Hehe....



Marcy Jordan Photography said...

Love that green, but I have to say that your b&w conversion is amazing!!

Ann said...

awesome pix...wish I had your talent

Ann said...

awesome pix...wish I had your talent!

Shiela in NY said...

GREAT pictures! I'll try and remember "west at sunset, west at sunset". {I've TOLD you I'm not a photographer!!!)

A Burning Bush is this awesome, small-leafed, shrub that turns a VIBRANT red in the fall. I'm sure you'd remember them if you saw one again. I should try and get on our old pc and send ya a pic of my kiddos from last year. Heck, knowing me I have some old reprints laying around. Go to fast-growing-trees.com and you'll see what I'm talking about. They are be-a-u-tiful!

Hope you're all feeling fine down that way!


Kim said...

Thank you Marcy and Ann. :0)
Marcy, that is Amanda Keys B&W from her B&W kit #1. It's called "Moody B&W".

JennMeeker said...

I love the picts! I SOOOO wish that either we lived in FL or you were in Texas. I have 3 kiddos that LOVe to have thier picts taken.

Kim said...

I have so many friends out in Texas, I'd love to live out there but Karlio just won't do it. :0(


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