Thursday, November 19, 2009

Wild Oats

Crazy how you can find such incredible beauty in a dusty parking lot full of dump trucks and asphalt. :0)


That's it for now. I am really trying to get motivated and think of Christmas pictures. Makes me miss having little kids cuz big ones like I have don't take real well to being dressed cute. LOL, it was everything I had in me this morning to convince the boys to wear a polo shirt to school today. If they just let me have that one "let Mom pick out your clothes" pleasure maybe once every two months I'd be so happy.
BTW, they did look real handsome walking out the door today. You know I am taking photos later! LOL!!

Have a beautiful day everyone!!



Anonymous said...

Kim -- Your photographs are so totally awesome! Have you ever thought of contacting the card companies like Hallmark and selling them photos for their greeting cards. Your photo today would make a beautiful card, just something to think about. . .

Shiela in NY said...

You know, Kim, when I went to the Mall this weekend they already had Christmas music playing....I can't believe it will be here in just about a month. I'm so not prepared and so not "into" it right now. You made me smile about your kiddos not being small enough to want to be dressed up anymore. :o)

Please don't disown me (no email)'s on my list, believe me!! Have a great day.

Kim said...

I never really thought about it but that would be so awesome, wouldn't it? Thanks!! :0)

Sheila, no worries, I haven't got back on email yet either. That makes me even worse. LOL!


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