Friday, November 6, 2009

Don't Mess With The Mask

Yesterday I asked Kaysha to help me out with organizing Kolin's room a bit so her stuff can get put away instead of left out on the closet floor.
It is bad enough for some crazy reason the designer of this house decided closet doors weren't necessary, which leaves me having to look at "closet stuff" every time I walk into K&K's room's, but adding to it leaves it cluttered looking and if there is one this in this world that gets on my very last is clutter.

So, anyway....she does what I ask her to do and when I walk in his room a little while later to put some of his laundry away, I find Kolin's beloved Michael Myers mask looking like this...


And all I could think of was "Oh she is gonna get her butt whooped for that".

And then he came home from school.
And then he walked into his room.
And then Kaysha tried to run.
But, she didn't get far cuz lil' man is fast. Very, Very, VERY fast.

Poor girl....

dont messwiththe mask1

Still, he finds time to smile for the stinkin' cute.


The moral of this story is...

"Don't Ever, EVER Mess With The Mask".

Have a great day all!!

PS. FYI, Kaysha was not hurt or beaten in any way. It's just a sibling thing, done with love and laughs. Really, he actually thought it was funny....well, after the shock of seeing his favorite horror movie killer mask in pink hater blockers and a suma wrestler looking pony tail anyway. :0)


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Shiela said...

Thanks for the laughs, Kaysha & Kolin (and Kim, of course, for sharing it!). :o)


Shiela in NY

P.S. COLD New York...snow on the ground New York... :(


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