Sunday, November 15, 2009

Dad And The Kid

Last weekend when I took Kolin out for some photo's, Karlio..he likes to go with us. Actually, he is very nervous that if I'm in some out of the way, stranded location that some moron will try and get that camera from me.
So...he body guards as I do my paparazzi thing.
Sometimes, it's a team effort.

Case in point...I could not for any reason, explain to Kolin how I wanted him to pose.
So after a few unsuccessful attempts, Dad jumped in to the rescue.

"Do it like this man, and hurry up cuz I'm starving and I want to get home"
{yes, I do love to make plans at exactly dinnertime}

Kolin Ross 060 copy

Hehe...their cute and I don't care what anybody says.


Here's one more..

Kolin Ross 077 copy

Dang it, I do love that green building.
As I sit here I am thinking of how I can pull off all three kidlets to come together, at one time, in a cooperative mood, dressed kool, with one of my "ugly/kick butt kool" chairs as a prop.
I can envision it already in my mind.

Have an awesome day everyone!!



Shiela in NY said...

GREAT SHOTS! :o) Thanks, Mr. K, for helping with the prop set-up. They turned out great!

Can't wait to see the one with all the kids together. GOOD LUCK!

Amy said...

I love the pictures with Daddy K. Kolin is almost as tall as dad! Where has the time gone?

Anonymous said...

Great pics as always - dad better watch out Kolin is gonna be taller than him before he knows it :)


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