Saturday, November 14, 2009

Walking The Sunshine Trail

As predicted, yesterday was a wonderful day dahling...simply divine, outstanding, terrific and chilly.
Wait...chilly? Well in the morning yes, in the afternoon...not so much.
It was a good day to pass on the flip-flops finally and swap over to a pair of *thump thump* my beloved Converse for the day.

My Chucks

Anyone who knows me well knows I have this "thing" for Chuck Taylor's, in every color but classic black will always be my favorite. :0)

The boys report cards came home a couple weeks ago {I forgot if I mentioned it or not}.
Kody brought be home three "A"'s and the rest "B"'s. Kolin did pretty good too, not as good as Bear but good nonetheless.
I do have a very good feeling geography is not nor will ever be his first love. LOL!
However, coming from a kid who never cared much for math, he is now claiming it to be his favorite subject. Thank goodness for awesome teachers, huh?

We pulled him off his ADD med's last May and because the med's he was taken is actually legal speed {and I wonder why he is always hyper} we decided there must be a better way.
Someone had told me at one time that drinking one Mountain Dew in the morning can help tremendously.
So, after always making sure he has a great breakfast with 100% juice, extra fruit and a one-a-day multi vitamin made specifically for teen boys every morning, this week we sent him on his way with one small bottle of Mountain Dew in him.
I'll be darned if after day one his teachers were sending me notes telling me how great he was doing and was he back on his med's.
LOL, nope.
Anyway, yesterday he brought me home his work from the week and he got excellent reports written on them and...and...and...


So now I can relax some and perfect my happy dance a whole lot more.

About the self portraits, sure I can share NP.

This is what I did and believe me every time you practice it gets a whole lot easier. I can complete one start to finish in less then 10 minutes.

In that photo I was sitting against a wall in my living room. To the right is the TV and to the left {you can see it a little} is my bedroom doorway.
I set a small continuous light softbox low and at a 45 degree angle to my right.
I opened up the front door which was about 45 degrees left, to let some natural light in.
I put the camera on a tripod. This day I had Kaysha home so I used her as a focus point. I had her sit where I wanted to, back button focused on her {I believe my f-stop was a 4 and my ISO was at 400. I have no idea about the SS but it was fairly low, less then 100}
When my camera beeped tot ell me I had focused, I flipped the AF {auto focus} on the lens only {not the camera, only the lens} to "MF" {manual focus}.
That locks in the focus and it won't change until you change it back to AF.
Then I flipped the camera setting to reflect using the remote control. On Nikon it looks like a little candle {it's not but that's what it looks like}.
I sat where I needed to and hit the remote.
Ba Da Bingah, done.
If you look closely you can see me fumbling around trying to hide the remote. :0)
Oh, one more thing. I always take a test shot or two and leave my camera LCD on "highlights". That way, if I see the blinking highlights, I know it is way too over exposed and I readjust my settings accordingly.

Hope ya''all have a great day today. I'm about to head out and get some laps done this morning.
Then Karlio wants to take a quick trip out to the mall {I have no idea why} and I rented "The Taking of Pelham 1...2...3", so I really want to make time to watch that.




Shiela in NY said...

Hey, good job on those report cards, K&K!

As for the Mountain Dew, we have a niece that is ADHD. I do think that a lot of kids are pushed with meds for ADHD before they really need to be. Let me tell you...our niece is definitely ADHD! :o) When she was younger and we were in a group setting (family reunion) there would be several of us asking if she took her meds yet. And...her Mom would be able to give her a Mountain Dew and, unlike other kids, it would bring her down because the sugar had the complete opposite affect.

Hope you had a nice time at the Mall. I'm headed there now; our daughter's b-day is today and she's secretly getting her ears pierced. She's been too chicken in the past but is surprising the rest of the family today. :o)

Kim said...

Happy Birthday to Mrs Sheila's daughter!!!
Sheila, Many years ago, I found that Children's Nyquil will actually wire him up for hours instead of making him drowsy. I totally agree on the opposite effect thing. I sat in on a meeting with all Kolin's teachers and boy did they ever look frazzled..LOL..and they all asked if he was on medication. Dont get me wrong, he is respectful and all but Lordie he is always in motion. LOL!!

Shiela in NY said...

Hey, Kim. I literally LOL about the Nyquil! That must have been hard on you the first couple times!!! :o) I understand you on being well-mannered...but still antsy. That's our oldest. When he was younger he was a Wiggle Worm and Talk-Aholic. Never disrespectful, but often disruptive. :o)

Thanks for the well wishes for our daughter's b-day. She got her ears pierced, although she was white as a ghost and her hands were cold and clamby! :o) Got all done and she was amazed that it wasn't that bad. (Mom: "I TOLD YOU SO!!!!!")


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