Monday, November 2, 2009

Not So Scary Scarecrows

Every year in downtown Leesburg all along main street, local biz owners participate in a scarecrow contest.
Last week Karlio and I took off for an hour of walking around, checking some out. We left early before the sun broke through, which was pretty sweet cuz the kids had no school that day as well and we left them home sleeping with a note that read "Went out to shoot some scarecrows. Love M&D"

These are some of the more cooler ones.

Karlio's fave..


My fave...


Here's some useless trivia for you.
I was born and spent the first three years of my life in North Tarrytown, NY which is now renamed "Sleepy Hollow".
My Dad's family is from there, so is Ichabod Crane and the Headless Horseman. We have a special bond.
When I was about Kody's age I was the Headless Horseman for Halloween, riding through the streets of my suburb neighborhood on my real horse.
That's about as bad ass as I got back then. LOL!

Trivia time is over, on with the scarecrows.

Only a hair salon could make a scarecrow look so, ummmm...pretty. I want to get my hair done there and relive the 80's.


Endless hours fishing makes me want to lose my head and stare into the big blue sky too.


"Eye Need An Eye Exam" ROFL...I love this one too.


HAHAHAHA...Mr. and Mrs. Karlio Kruppenelli here....


Hope everyone has an awesome day today!!

BTW, Kody is back in school this morning....WOO-HOO!!!!!!


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Shiela in NY said...

OMG - LOVE those scarecrows!!! And am SO glad Kody's back to school! (Sure hope he's as excited as his Mamma!) :o)


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