Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Bear Again

Sorry, I forgot to add this one.

Funny thing is, is that Kody is right handed but when he punches he always favors his left. I never see anyone else in his martial arts class do that. :0)


Later Maters!!

PS. Yes it is still plenty warm enough for him to be outside without a shirt. Gotta love Florida for that reason. :0)

PPSS. Sheila, martial arts training is great for building up muscles, and confidence. Kody though, he is always, I mean always lifting something. Patio blocks, ladders, beams, bikes, his brother, his sister, me. The kid never stops. LOL!



Anonymous said...

Going to be in Orlando in February..woul love to meet you!!


Shiela in NY said...

Seeing pictures like this, right after Kody had such a lousy week, makes me admire him all the more. :)

He sounds like our son that kicks the ball left footed. (Not that your hands are feet are comparable that much, but something we've noticed just the same.) Had to LOL about Kody picking up everything, including family members. :o)

Will probably be back later; I couldn't remember if the posts that I read yesterday were from yesterday, or if I got on at 4 or 5 AM and was reading from the day before. I'm so exhausted these days I can't keep things like that straight!


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