Monday, November 16, 2009

A Glimpse Into Our Family Sunday Nights

The nights around here are getting a little chilly, so a couple weeks ago, Karlio built us a little fire pit in our backyard. Since then every Sunday night we have dinner, clean up and then head out around the fire.
Normally we roast some marshmallows and one day I swear I'll remember to buy the "Smores" fixins' that these three ask for every week...


We stare into the flames which can be really mesmerizing..

FIRE 006 copy

FIRE 009 copy

And we always play the "ABC" game, which goes a little something like this.
One person starts with the letter "A" and has to think of a word quickly that starts with an "A". The next person in line goes to letter "B" and does the same thing. Since there is 5 of us, this works out nicely cuz we play five rounds and every gets a chance to start and end.

Now, the whole point of this is to see who can come up with the longest words.
Kolin is usually pretty good at this but last night Kody smoked him {hehe, no pun intended}.

OK, now this is our family we're talking about here and usually by round three the words are completely over the top, ummm....let's just say to keep things clean, goofy, Kolin being the biggest "goof" of them all.
That kid is just freakin' hilarious, I swear.

It's a lot of fun and gives us something to look forward to all week.

Fires are cool, I mean hot..yeah their hot. :0)

FIRE 011 copy




Tracey said...

I love your posts! I love your pictures!!! Thanks for the GREAT family time idea on Sunday nights. Buy those smore fixings today so you have them.. of course hide them so they don't sneak into them early! What lucky kids you have to have you for a mom.

Anonymous said...

There's nothing better on those chilly nights than a nice fire!! Were going to have a fire in our fireplace as it's quite cold and SNOWING in Missouri today. Got any extra room at the inn for a runaway??
Hugs from Missouri,

Amy said...

Kim, your fire pics are AMAZING!! Thanks for sharing your talents with us, and of course your funny family stories...awesome family times!

Dot O said...

These are the moments that make life precious - They won't remember what they got for Christmas 2009 twenty years from now but they will remember these nights!

Shiela said...

Sure wish we were there, enjoying that fire!! You're lucky to be able to do that; our town has a law that doesn't allow us to have them when houses are as close as ours. Too dangerous for flying sparks. :( So, you can betchya campfires don't happen very often for this family. :( LOVE the photos; I felt like I was right there.

Hoping to send you an email in the next 24 hours. Our youngest has been sick since last Thursday and I'm waaaay behind in my job right now....

Have a great night!

Love yaz,
Shiela in NY


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