Saturday, November 7, 2009


Cuz Halloween's not over till the snow falls. Guess that would be year round for me. :0)

Rivets copy 2

Stock photo by almudena-stock
Manipulated by, who else? Me!
fyi, yes that's my duo colored peeper. Unique? Yes. Odd? Definitely! hehe....

It's another gorgeous day here in Central Florida so I guess I'll head out for a bit and get a mile or two of walking time before my day gets ridiculously insane.

Have a wonderful day everyone!!


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Shiela said...

LOVE IT! You are so talented, Kim! BTW, I also like your back-to-back "K"/star logo.

Enjoy your walk. While it might be sunny here it's definitely cold (20s last night) and I'm already at my job. No walk for me!!

Have a great day, K-Klan!

Shiela in NY


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