Monday, November 9, 2009

30 Minutes Till Sunset

Yesterday at around 5 o'clock Karlio transported Kolin and me down the road for a quick photo session.
Every so once in a while, I love taking just one kid out at a time and snapping a few.
Since I don't buy school pictures, I still like to keep in the memory box/noggin what they were like at say for example, Kolin at 12 years old and in the 6th grade.
It's all about the attitude, but equally important is the crazy silliness that comes with being the youngest.

OK..truth be told, I bought him that "Fedora" from Target last week and I wanted pic's done in it, badly. LOL!
I love fedora's A LOT!

The location is a closed down car fixing place that is just a mile down the road. It's right across the street from the gator pond.
It's small but bright.
Sometimes it's all about finding that tiny little spot that otherwise you might drive by 6 times a day and give it no thought.
I had my eye on that spot since the first day we moved in. :0)

Anyway, here's a few out of 79. LOL, yeah you read that right.

I love the way his hair is flying cuz of the breeze that came through at exactly the time I clicked.

Kolin Ross 010 copy

Kolin Ross 002 copy

Kolin Ross 023 copy

On the other side of this building is the back way of a small strip mall of assorted stores that have mostly been closed.
While I was snapping away, Karlio struck up a conversation with a couple who were working on a tattoo shop that was opening in that building next week.
We were invited in to look around but since I had 15 minutes of good light left and another building to bother closer to home, we had to decline at the time.
However, we are going to go back cuz this Mama...oh, she is dyin' for another tattoo soon.
Tattoos are scrumptious and I don't care what anybody says. hehe....
I am keeping my fingers crossed maybe they might want to exchange some photographs for their new place for a small tattoo of....
Oh, well, I can't give everything away, can I? will be very kool with a lot of deep meaning to it when it gets done, that's for sure.

More Kolin pictures to come with a "pull back" shot of the next location.
I'll get a pull back of these too, I just forgot to yesterday.

Have a beautiful day everyone!!


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Shiela in NY said...

What a cute gator, and what a cute kid! :o) You know, Kim, I think it would take me my whole life to "notice" a spot to take a picture at! I just realized this weekend that I completely forgot to take our kids to a favorite Burning Bush this fall. I always take them and then get the snapshot developed to send with Christmas cards. Well, because this lame mother does not drive in and out of this particular parking lot anymore (preschool building) I COMPLETELY FORGOT to take those kids for their picture! Yes, there are other Burning Bushes around this town but did my lame brain remember? NOPE! And now all the leaves are dead and gone! :( I need someone like yourself living nearby so I could get a prof. photo done!

Have a great day!


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