Thursday, July 28, 2011

Short & Red

That's what Kolin calls her.
Personally, I think she's short and red with an attitude, which she gets from her Momma.
Just sayin'...

These were from yesterday...she wasn't having it.

Adriana 003 copy

Adriana 002 copy

It's her Slipknot shirt she's wearing in all these and her hair is still wet from the bathtub. I tried to get more with some girlie stuff on but, didn't happen, not at all. You can see her holding the shirt I wanted on her in the last picture, n way was she going to make me happy by putting it on. :(

Adriana 007 copy

Adriana 011 copy

Adriana 012 copy

Adriana 013 copy

I've been spending time with my youngest since #5 is off to camp. Actually he spent yesterday and last night at his sisters so I was by myself most of the day and all night.
I did get a text early this morning telling me he misses me and really wants to come home. :)

Football has been keeping him busy, sweaty and smelly. Pictures soon. Unless of course you don't want to see a sweaty kid in which case I wouldn't blame you at all.

Have a great night everyone!!


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