Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Camp Time

My Bear's gone for six days.
Six days without a phone and internet, whatever will he do? :)

CamperBear 008

He sooo did NOT want his picture taken, but I did anyway. He's gonna kick my butt when he gets home and see's this. HA HA!!

CamperBear 007 copy

And just for a fun comparison, here's his last years picture...


New year, new Slipknot shirt. LOL!!

We're off to football practice then treating Kolin to a pizza for dinner.

Have a great night everyone!!



Anonymous said...

How ever will he survive! I remember last year my 11 year old told me a friend of his was grounded. When I asked what he was grounded from the answer was "all electronics". Who says that?! lol Poor kids......

Camp will be a blast I'm sure again for him! Yummmmm...pizza!

kody follower

Shiela in NY said...

LOVE the look on Kody's face in the second pic .... it's like he's thinking, "OKAY, Mommmmm....get this picture taken cuz there are some hot chicks I need to go talk to!" LOL ~ am I remotely close?! :)

Hope he's having a great time; he always has...cell phone or not! Enjoy your time with Kolin this week as well.

leese said...

Such a HANDSOME mancub. You know his Dad is smiling down on him proudly!

Have a wonderful week with your 'only child'!! lol


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