Monday, July 25, 2011

I'm Calling This Monday Cuz I Can't Think Of A Title

Cuz I'm kinda whooped, and my brain is in over-heated overload and karate and football at the same time is like WOW, a lot of running back and forth and Kody starts camp tomorrow and I can't believe my lil' brat is leaving me for a week and ummmm, I'll shut up now.
Thanks for listening. :)

I took this today, it's a crepe myrtle tree I have growing in my back yard. It took forever to bloom this year. It was Vinny's tree, guess she's grieving too.


I believe that everyone should try to do something a couple times a week, OK maybe once a week that your scared to death of. Take a risk, you'll be very surprised.
I have had a horrible fear of water ever since I was young. I am scared to death of drowning, petrified of deep water, anything over 4 feet is a no go.
This past weekend the boys and I went to stay at KK's place and as always the boys will drag me out to the pool where I always park it in a lounge chair, plug in my music and take in the sun while watching them have fun..lots of fun, in the deep end.
Their Dad taught them how to swim when they were little.
He tried to teach me about 100 times but I never could let go of the death grip I kept on his neck.

I don't know how he did it, my Kolin actually talked me into and had me ease my way on the wall, deeper and deeper into the deep end.
Then he had me hold on to the ladder while he showed me, how to float, to swim, how to tread, how to let go....
To let go, remember that cuz after about 45 of minutes of him showing and talking to me, I let go.
I swam, floated, tread water and by Sunday I was jumping into that 9 foot section like it was nothing.

I had fun with my kids and they did too.

I've always been afraid I'd go down to the bottom of the deep water end and not be able to get back up, turns out that I barely ever made it to the bottom cuz I was constantly floating back up.
So, what I feared the most really wasn't so scary at all.

And to be honest, I seriously thought I felt a hand, maybe an arm underneath me keeping me afloat.
Yes, I know...crazy but could he have been there too?

Take care everyone!! :)



Shiela in NY said...

AWESOME story, Kim, and love the fact that your boys taught you, since Karl taught them...

I have to ask...did you pee in the water when you were holding on oh, so tight, to the edge?! ;) I think I would have been, and my bladder/insides have only given birth to half the number of kids you have!! :D

CONGRATS on learning to you can't have any excuse to not get IN the pool with those boys!! :)

Kim said...

LOL...nope :)

Anonymous said...

Funny you would mention crepe myrtel tree. I'm from the Pacific Northwest and I just left Georgia after visiting my brother for 5 days. My mom fell in LOVE with those trees! But, we do not get enough sun so we can't ghrow them here. They are very pretty....I see why karl liked them so much!

Congrats on the swim

Kody Follower
Olympia, wA


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