Thursday, July 21, 2011

Mood Lifters

I was at the store two days ago and found some daisies marked down real cheap, so I decided what the was a mood lifter for sure.
I got a feeling I'll keep fresh flowers on my dining room table for as long as I can find them half off. :)


Kolin started conditioning practice for football this week, so things are getting a lot busier around here.
Keeping busy is good...really good for all of us.
He was kind of worried that he'd have a hard time with it, not seeing his Dad out there watching him like he always did, and he did admit it was a little rough, looking out and seeing his Momma sitting alone but he kept at it and worked hard, really hard cuz I think somehow, some way, he knows his Dad was right there next to me watching him. :)

Have a beautiful day everyone...stay cool!!!!



Shiela in NY said...

Trying to catch up ... haven't been on here since Saturday...

I smiled a sad, but happy as well, smile when I read about Kolin's practice. It's gotta be so rough for all of you, but I am sure Karl would want Kolin working as hard as ever on that field. Kudos to you, Kolin!!

Shiela in NY said...

And a good thing about daisies is how long they last!! Love the pic, and the colors of those daisies!


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