Friday, July 8, 2011


There's an 80% chance of rain today, with more expected Saturday and Sunday, which means today and for the rest of the weekend it's gonna be really wet around here.
I used to love rainy days, now it's just too gray and lonely.

Karl/Vinny came to me in a dream two nights ago, it was quick but it was really nice.
I was out in the garage doing laundry when he walked right in and said "Hey Baby...I'm Back" {crazy thing was I heard him but he never moved his mouth, just kept smiling this gorgeous smile the whole time}.
I looked at him with the WTF expression and I remember him saying "Whats wrong?" I said back..."Nothing just for a second I thought I saw a ghost"
He laughed and picked me up and we hugged for what seemed like forever. I could feel his strong arms, every cut, every muscle that I would recognize if I touched 1000 mens arms. I felt his skin next to mine and it was so beautiful.
He asked me about the new washing machine {I bought it after he died} and I told him that like he promised me he'd do, I got the matching one to the dryer he bought me about three weeks before he passed.

Then I woke up and in that half still asleep state I for a second thought he really was back and that maybe finally I had woken up from this six month nightmare.

Then I looked around, his remains still lovingly placed next to my side of the bed on a glass night table and reality hit me enough to wake me up and realize, he's never coming back.

It was just a quick silly dream that only lasted a short while, I'm sure...but if I could have stayed in those arms forever, I would have been so happy.

Here's our #6 Bonehead on the 4th.
He's really not dirty, I just scuffed it up a little for no reason at all, just because.

ForthOfJuly2011 126 copy

Have a great day everyone!!



Shiela in NY said...

Wow - I just let out a big sigh after reading your post. Your dream sounds both lovely and sad. :-/ Up and down, like a roller coaster.

Just keep swimming.....


Darla Hall said...

So glad to see you are back a little bit.
I can't imagine how hard the last six months have been on you.
It is great to see the kids and snakes in pictures.
Just keep swimming Kim and I'll keep praying.
Darla in NJ

Anonymous said...

Kim....I know exactly what you are describing. There are tons of books that describe these dreams in detail, all very similar. I totally believe that Karl was there with you -- and that these experiences happen while we are asleep because we'd be scared to death if they happened while we were fully awake, and therefore wouldn't be open to the visit. I had one of these dreams about my father and from that day forward, my grief turned to joy knowing that he was happy, smiling, and in heaven. I'm not a kook...seriously....I just think once you experience this, you come to know that it was real. One of the books is called, "Embraced by the Light." Read'll be amazed at the similarities!


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