Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th Of July

July 4th was always "My Vinny's" favorite holiday, not only because of the fireworks and BBQ's but because it was his beloved Gramma's birthday.
Sadly, she passed away before he and I ever met. He really loved that woman and I wish I could have met her.

Anyway, every 4th, I'd bake a cake and it was for her, we'd sing Happy Birthday and it always made him happy.

Just because he's gone, doesn't for one minute mean the tradition ends. For now on though, it's to celebrate a birthday and the life of a beautiful man who loved the heck outta July 4th.

I was able to get a very quick picture of only a slice cuz whatever is going on with my boys must be a growth spurt thing cuz they had this entire cake gone in like three seconds. :)

ForthOfJuly2011 079 copy

The boys and I spend the weekend at my oldest daughters place, she lives out in Altamonte Springs.
The City of Altamonte had this HUGE party/fireworks thing going on most of the day yesterday and since she lives right across the street from all the festivities, we only had to literally walk across the street to get there.
Which was cool for sure since it was past midnight at my last check and the traffic was still bumper to bumper.

These are a few of my favorites from last night.

Blurry but I LOVE the hearts...

ForthOfJuly2011 010 copy

I thought this one looked like a palm tree :)

ForthOfJuly2011 036 copy

ForthOfJuly2011 039 copy

ForthOfJuly2011 055 copy

A star...

ForthOfJuly2011 047 copy

ForthOfJuly2011 045 copy

ForthOfJuly2011 049 copy

ForthOfJuly2011 057 copy

ForthOfJuly2011 059 copy

ForthOfJuly2011 028 copy

ForthOfJuly2011 039 copy

ForthOfJuly2011 042 copy

ForthOfJuly2011 069 copy

ForthOfJuly2011 073 copy

To all our family and friends everywhere, we wish you all a very happy and safe 4th of July.

The entire "K" family especially our beautiful "Angel Karl/Daddy"

~*~*~*~We Love And Miss You Baby..Happy 4th!!!!~*~*~*~*~



tcsTenor said...

Pretty cake! Great new tradition! Beautiful photographs!!

Pete K said...

I'm sure Karl & Nana were together enjoying the day today and watching the fireworks.

Anonymous said...

Kim -- what beautiful photos!!! Look carefully at the second picture after the star . . . do you see the image of Karl kissing you in the smoke behind he fireworks? I see Karl (profile) kissing your cheek (your face is hidden behind the white center circle flash of the fireworks). Do you see it? Has anyone else mentioned it? Karl is always with you and yours!

Dot O said...

Thanks for the fireworks photos, Kim - they are the only fireworks I got to see!

Hope you stayed the night at your daughter's house so you didn't have to drive home late at night....

Kim said...

Oh wow...I didnt see it till now, thank you!! I always look for "orbs", I never thought to look at smoke :)

Shiela in NY said...

Loving the fireworks photos and also lovin' the fact that you continued the tradition of celebrating Karl's grandmother's birthday. I wish I had met my husband's grandfather...same type of husband adored this man but he passed before I got to meet him. Glad you got away for a happy day. :)

Margie said...

Kim I loved the fireworks pictures. Mine didn't turn out very well.

Shiela in NY said...

OMG,'re probably going to think I'm lying but I just read what "Anonymous" said about seeing Karl in the one picture. Can you believe that when I looked at these the other night I sat here, STARING at one of the pictures, as I SWORE I saw something to do with Karl in the smoke. This didn't happen the first time I looked at them, but when I scrolled down the second time it hit me. But even though I kept staring at it I couldn't come up with "what" I could see of Karl. I just looked at them again (after reading the comment) but I don't think it was the same picture -- I'm thinking it was the second, but I don't see it tonight. GRRR!!!

Sea52Jay said...

Hey Sweetie, Sorry this last week has been especially hard. I have no words. Ashley and I have seen the fireworks at Crane's Roost (we have a good friend that lives in Altamonte)so I know what you mean, they know how to celebrate the holidays there. Hang on love, it will never get easy but it will get easier. Love you, CJ


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