Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Kids and Snakes Part Two

Kody, Venus and Memphis :)

ForthOfJuly2011 097 copy




Amy K said...

That is one gorgeous photo Kim.

Kim said...

Thank you Amy :)

Anonymous said...

Not pestering or even looking for your reply but just a gentle reminder: It is July. Most colleges start in August in Florida. Have you registered at a Community College? Have you stopped in to talk to a College Counselor about where you might start (particular classes? taking classes to decide on a curriculum? taking the classes required for a particular curriculum? finding your way to campus?)?

Your children (both those living at home and those living away) will see you taking 'good steps' for your future when you start the ball rolling on the items above.

Not ready for college: How about getting a job? That would show them that you are going to contribute to your future (not just children have a 'future').

Last, getting 'out of the house' is one way to move in a new direction but I think it is oh so much easier when you have direction to follow...start the college stuff now or move forward with work plans!

Shiela in NY said...

Awesome shot!

Stupid Q: do snakes eat other snakes?

Kim said...

Sheila...Yup, a dominant make will kill and eat another male baby just to prove who's the "man". :)

Kim said...

About college...Yes I just for the life of my can't get my head on straight still to figure out what to do. I know what I would "like" to do, but what I "have" to do are two completely different things. :(


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